May 6, 2011

I'll Get You My Pretty

Default New Police Weapon Against Homeless

I wanted to let you know what happened to me this week. After police harassment by the Middletown CT police department for sleeping in my car, legally parked on a city street, with one officer admitting I could legally park there, the police had Sal Nesci, the City of Middletown Health Department Director, declare my car "Unfit for Occupancy" and had it towed. The previous night, Middletown sergeant Davis merely asked me to park somewhere else and sleep. I did not have the money to recover the car and Personal Autocare, the towing company said I could only retreive essential items (eyeglasses, medication) from the car. I asked if a toothbrush, razor, change of underwear, wallet, hat for sun protection, warm clothes, or documents to defend myself in court were not essential items for a homeless person. Someone called on my behalf and was told they were not. To read more of my story and arrest, please google "Historic cover-up of FBI and police crimes currently taking place" and read the thread on the Urban 75 nessage board. Bill Anderson

originally posted on homeless forums

My Comment - This is a story I found on the web-not me-I just wanted to share it

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