Jan 11, 2012

What The ??

What The ??

         I read an article in the Alligator ( local college paper ) about the soup kitchen. To stay at the shelter one must go to the police station to receive written clearance to make use of any shelter assistance. the clearance must be updated every month. O.K. I guess it makes sense to insure a person has no current active warrants. what a hassle just to use the phone or get a shower. One person interviewed was happy because she said it will keep the riff-raff out. She also stated she has been taking meals there for something like 10 years. It was until recently that anyone hungry could eat, just get in line and give them your name. The meal limit was changed from meals served (130 ) to hours of operation after a big campaign and much picketing. The soup kitchen now doesn't have to worry about trying to feed all that come to them hungry. The volume of people coming in for the meal has declined to a trickle. Go figure. Things got worse for the hungry and homeless here in Gainesville FL. I really don't think the social problem has been solved, It never is. The photo accompanying the article showed one man sitting at a table by himself eating where there was until recently standing room only. Way to go geniouses.

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Dec 2, 2011

Been Busy

Been Busy

      Well,it has been a while since I've written an update. Sorry about that . Here it is Dec 1st 2011 already. Where does the time go?  I've been driving bus now for awhile.On Dec. 13th it will be 6 months and that is when my probation period ends. So far so good. I look smart in my uniform with black patent leather shoes. very professional.
        I had to get out of the tent , I don't think I could of handled the heat and misery one more day .I say that but you do what you gotta do whether you like it or not.
         Ah but here's the good news. I moved into a place called value place .it is a motel only it is a studio instead of just a room. kitchen and bathroom ,tv. very nice and new. very expensive though. $250 a week . no lease $100 deposit. A bus ride into work then bike it home ( 40 min ride ) because I get off at 3am. I bring the last bus in. I need 2 hrs to get to work but at least I have a job, clean clothes .and a beautiful shower. My cooking is kind of bland but nutricious. I pack sandwiches for lunch. Quite an improvement right there. I left an it's yours note on the tent when I left, I haven't even been by it out of curiosity , I would really prefere not see it .Who needs that.
       I had tacos homemade for thanksgiving, not bad if I say so myself. I'm thankful for the stability I now enjoy . saving is still difficult. the price of everything seems to have gone up and I know people think bus drivers make alot of money,not true after benefit costs taxes etc I bring in $750  bi-weekly on 41 hrs a week. but I'm not broke and I'm able to help out other folks here and there.
      A brighter day did come and the future looks good. I just go to work stay out of trouble and develop interests. so as I said been busy.

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Jul 18, 2011

Last Week Of Training

Last week of Training

I started my 5th week of training today. We are tying up last details and bus hopping to kill time, My Trainer says he is recommending full status for Fri. Last test is driving with the Safety Person and once He declares that I am Safe , that's it. It has been a fun and difficult. Fun driving the bus. Difficult ,getting to work and cleaning up while sweating in the hated tent. I can't wait for a cooked meal and my own bathroom. To sleep in the cooled room with a comfortable bed but it will be a bit yet. Coming up with the $1500 needed to secure an apartment , This figure includes deposit and application fee , plus I'll need the deposit to get the electricity turned on. This is bare bones without housewares ,toiletries , or food or furnishings but I'll take it over the tent any day . these things will be aquired in time. getting indoors is my first priority. I've come this far and I'm almost there. So you see , A brighter day did come. Chin up my struggling friends , you to will have a brighter day. keep a stout heart and find faith where you can.
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Jul 5, 2011

On The Steady

On  The  Steady

Started my 4th week at RTS. I got a partial pay of 1 week. It wasn't enough to get indoors but It does cover food , laundry , personal care items etc. I fulfilled one of my small wishes by getting a hotel room for the night on 7/4. It was so great to relax in the A/C and eat and watch TV. I took two showers just because it felt so nice and civilized. I went to the barber shop and had a fine haircut. I got up at 6:00am and got ready for work , Had coffee and caught the bus. I've been driving routes and next week will be on assignment. I drive while a seasoned driver critiques me and gives me feedback on a working scheduled route. I did one day of this already ,working the fare box , setting trip times and header. I was told I did an excellent job and he is recommending that I am ready to drive solo on my own route. However training is complete when my instuctor says so.

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Jun 29, 2011

Homeless Blog Writers

Homeless  Blog  Writers

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Blogging and tweeting might be among the last hobbies you'd list for a homeless person, but some down-and-out people have embraced social media in such a way that it's actually garnered them needed assistance -- everything from food and diapers for children to counseling and housing.
"I did not believe in social networking before I ended up on the streets," says Rd Plasschaert, who became homeless last year. "It's the way people are finding housing. It's the way people are finding food banks."
Plasschaert, who had lost her job and was on welfare, joined the social networking sphere one month before she knew she was losing the bedroom she rented. She started a blog called "Lost Awareness" in desperation when nonprofit agencies told her they couldn't help her out until she had actually lost her home, she said.
A homeless blogger from England recommended Plasschaert sign up for Twitter and search for homelessness-related hashtags, or topics, on that site.
Days before landing on the street, Plasschaert contacted a man who went by the handle @hardlynormal for advice on available services. That connection ultimately led to Plasschaert getting into her own subsidized studio apartment this year.
"It was purely social media that placed me. Absolutely and totally," she says.
But the incident did more than simply house Plasschaert, it helped inspire a website called WeAreVisible.com with tutorials to teach homeless people how to use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
"I saw how technology could improve people's lives," says the website's creator, Mark Horvath, the man who was @hardlynormal. "I was creating WeAreVisible to empower homeless people to have a voice, a voice that we all have, but the homeless population doesn't."
Horvath knows about being homeless -- he lived on the streets of Hollywood more than a decade ago, and, fours years ago, when he lost his job and his house in foreclosure, he essentially embarked on a career of recording homeless people's stories and posting them online.
He knew that many homeless people had the tools to connect online.
"If you were going to be homeless tomorrow, what are the two things you'd take? Your laptop and your cell phone," Horvath says.
With the growth of free wireless services at coffee shops, stores and libraries, people don't need their own Internet connection or cell phone calling plan to use their devices. And those without personal communications devices can access computers at shelters and libraries.
Homeless people are embracing social media for various reasons.
AnnMarie Walsh, who was living in an empty lot in Chicago, says tweeting as @padschicago gave her a sense of peace.
"I used (Twitter) as an outlet to vent my feelings and to share information about homelessness and things I was going through," Walsh says, adding that she was driven to the streets in 2004 after emotional trouble linked to an abusive past. She didn't join Twitter's ranks until two years ago.
"Just knowing that somebody was out there, that someone was reading my tweet, it was an awesome feeling."
She says her tweets caught the eye of a case worker last summer, which led to transitional housing and a permanent room in April. Others use social media to critique and praise homeless shelters, case managers and city agencies.
"It's changing how shelters and cities do business," says Neil Donovan, executive director of the National Coalition for the Homeless, especially because of what he calls the "lightning-fast communications."
Horvath says his ultimate goal for WeAreVisible.com would be to connect homeless agencies directly with the people seeking services, what he calls "virtual case management."
"Homeless services need to step up and listen to people online, because they're there. They're there searching for us," says Horvath, who until recently was working at a shelter before heading out on another tour of recording homeless people's stories.
Horvath says the unintended impact of WeAreVisible.com has been the creation of a virtual community for homeless people and those who have been there. He has more than 12,000 Twitter followers alone.
"We encourage each other," says Plasschaert, who volunteers to train homeless people to use computers. "It's important to have that sense of community."
"I encourage homeless people to do whatever it takes to get out of their situation," Horvath says, "and if that's social media -- jump on!"

Jun 23, 2011

Pass Or Fail

Pass  Or  Fail

The answer is YES I passed my pre-trip inspection , skills test and road test. I am the proud owner of a CDL ( commercial drivers license ). My trainer is buying donuts for breakfast because if everyone passes that tests in a class that is what He does. The main stress is history , now it is all about driving , learning the fare box and other Bus stuff. Probation period is for a whopping 6 months , so there is still lots of room to mess up . However I cannot fail with so many of you drawing inspiration from little old me. I won't let you down .If I can do it you can do it. Maybe not the same way . It just shows if you keep plugging on , then some progress will be made. suffer a little extra now for the payoff down the road. Good friends help, and I found all of mine on the internet. Strange . Tell it and someone will care. Never lie. tell the good and the bad and people will recognize the truth.
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Jun 21, 2011

Training Week 2

Training  Week  2

We are going through a super heat wave with high humidity since the weekend. It has been 100 degrees + and will drop down to low 90's by next weekend. I started week 2 of training 6/20/11 . I have been practicing my pre-trip inspection and driving through the "cones" - straight backing , offset backing , parallel parking. Then comes the road course with train tracks , Turns , stops etc. I will pass my exam on Thurs. I have no doubt. I have been getting wheel time and even picked up riders while learning routes. I like this job and hope nothing goes wrong , I only say that because every time I let myself get happy I end up disappointed. Last night I felt like I was sleeping in a puddle. I get up at 6:30am to be at the terminal by 8:00am. I have to go s**t , shave ,and wash my hair. I also have to wear dress clothes with shinable shoes. khaki and navy blue are the Co. colors. I have to get there at least 15 min early to let the a/c dry my sweat from the walk in and the shoes gave me blisters. I eat once a day and drink water that I fill in a plastic bottle. Mostly peanut butter sandwiches . I 'm hoping to be indoors in two months but I wish it was two days. Oh well , I just do alot with very little. It's extreamly trying  and difficult mentaly and physically . I get off at 5:00 then I come to the library to escape the heat.There is no way I can sit in the tent until the sun goes down around 9:oopm , even then it is hot and sweaty until 4 or 5am. O.K. I'm done groaning. I'm smiling

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Jun 17, 2011

1 Down - 5 To 7 To Go

1 Down 5-7 To Go

I just completed my first week of R.T.S. bus training. I may finish early or not until 7 weeks from now It depends on how fast they move us. I got my certificates for E.E.O. and also NIMS training. Orientation is Mon. and  my road test is on Thurs. I am not nervous and have full confidence in myself. I will be a city bus driver. All the employees are friendly and wish me well. No , they don't have a clue I'm homeless. I guess that's it for now , I'll keep you all posted.


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Jun 13, 2011

Training In Progress

Training  In  Progress

Started Bus training at 8:00am this morning. Today was mostly orientation.My class has a total of three people including me.We are very lucky because next week twelve more start then the week after that fifteen more . The bus Co. wants thirty drivers in all to be ready for the fall . A new contract was signed by the Governor for Santa Fe college , meaning the creation of more bus routes. Hence all the new drivers. My class will have seniority over the other drivers. My trainer is putting us in buses right away as he wants us fully licenced by the end of next week , then we will concentrate on all the book study . There is much to learn and be tested for per regulations. I'll be very busy for the next  6-8 weeks. I came to the library after class to write this update. my schedule  is  Mon-Fri  8-5 . I still could use some help with food and bus fare.


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Jun 11, 2011

Here Nor There

Here  Nor  There

Perhaps I'm transitioning from the hollow man to citizen . Being one of the invisible people takes it's toll . I find it hard to put into words . one minute your not , then you are. I do believe it will take some time before I feel that I matter to anyone. I know there are people of the opinion " That I should just die and decrease the surplus population " - Scrooge . I refused to cry or give up. I know there is always a brighter day coming. I don't rely on anyone. I can only trust myself ( I do not lie to me ). This is not to say I haven't been caught completely by surprise at the generosity  of some kind souls ,  because if anything could make me cry that would be it. Still living with trepidation .
your friend ,

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Jun 9, 2011

Give Me A Break

Give Me A Break

Today I went to check on my mail at the P.O. I was surprised when the clerk came out with a letter , I wasn't expecting anything but you never know. It was from the I.R.S. It said according to them I owed back taxes from 2001 -$800+ add penalties and interest = get this $4,364.37 . They have been messing up my refunds and statements since the 80's . I called immediately to find out why they put a levy on my debit card which had a whopping $26 until they took it. I explained I was indigent and homeless and how they have been taking the same $400 for an old army debt every year for twenty years . and every time I thought it was resolved , they took it again .He said that's water over the dam.they are only going back as far as 2005. He said the good news was that they are lifting the levy. So when I do get paid I'll  be able to spend my own money. he also said I'm entitled to a couple of refunds ( which they will be keeping ) He is sending me a ( forest ) of paperwork and forms. But the penalties etc. will keep accruing. I told him I just want this monkey off my back. So I don't care but by the end of the year I'm going to be settled up with the Gov. Today's headache courtesy of the I.R.S. - every time I get over a mountain there  is a bigger one in my way . Oh well at least I don't have a shortage of challenges. After this little problem is cleared I'll be free from all debt. That is a wonderful thought .I seem to be able to hold money in my hand for 5 minutes tops before I get to place into somebody else's hand . but I don't owe anyone ( except this,they say ) so I'm better off than most U.S. citizens.

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Jun 8, 2011

All Set To Work

All Set To Work

Finally everything is in place . I passed all my exams and now have my Class  B drivers permit the last piece of paper I needed. I start training on  6/13 Mon. at 8:00am . Now I 'm hoping for a miracle because I have no money for food or transportation to see me through until I get that first pay check , which will most likely be mid or end July . I know I keep asking for support in this matter but I have to because people tend to forget and assume every things alright but this time It's not. I'm trying and doing the best I possibly can and I really need your help to see me through for a little while . I know times are tough and that you care . however nothing is coming in and I am very worried that all my efforts will be for nothing . I will not be able to get  to the soup kitchen let alone eat lunch . that's it , that's the truth . praying and hoping
Your Friend Peter

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Jun 4, 2011



getting sick when you have no air conditioned bedroom to go lay down in sucks lead darts. I have a touch of food poisoning , disentary , gas and bloating with a headache .I'm  dehydrating due to loss of body fluids ( running for a bathroom  ) which isn't readily available. I'm cooking in this  heat and feel as though I'm going  to throw up. I'm dizzy. I have to raid my  $40 apartment fund and it's killing me to do it ,  but I need some amodium and aspirin , also a couple of jugs of Gatoraid . I'm getting hot and cold flashes and a little bit of shaking in my hands. I eat what I can and there is no way of knowing if it was prepared sanitarily or had bacteria on it. I need the medicine because I have to be at the newspaper at 12:00am . I can't afford to miss sick or not. Yes I wash my hands more than most humans , almost all the time. Could have been from this very keyboard at the library , I don't know. something got me.


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Jun 3, 2011

Taking The Bad With The Good

Taking  The  Bad  With  The  Good

I have seen concern and caring from kind people. I even had a few donations , which have helped through tough times. I have nice days of weather and blistering heat. I have been hungry and I have been stuffed. I have been happy and I have been sad. In other words , I take the good and the bad , that's all. Life on the streets is probably a bit harder than not. I don't have expectations . Disappointment comes with the territory. The laptop I was so excited about receiving finally arrived. It was damaged in transit , The left corner was smashed , the hinge was broken . It is useless . The good? I still have the library. I thank the sender for trying . Knowing there are compassionate people makes all the difference .

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May 28, 2011

That's The Spirit !

That's  The  Spirit !

I just received my first donation on my apartment fund ! I knew if I asked , you would start to respond . It was for $ 40.  A great start ,  but I really need to keep the momentum going. So dig deep it's for a worthy cause  -  Me  -   Thankyou to everyone who is putting the word out . I can almost smell food cooking and the shower running.


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May 27, 2011

Robbed Again

Robbed  Again

For the second time in two weeks My tent was robbed. This time the thief even took my dirty clothes !I had a $40 bottle of cologne I was saving for when I got into a place , you know , to feel good you have to smell good , why bother?  That's it . I have to get into an apartment now ,  I don't know how ,  but my tent is no longer semi-safe. I just sat staring at the trees , holding my chin in my hand until It got numb. Here's the idea. I'm passing the hat. then you pass it , tell everyone you can to give a little something. I'm trying to raise $1500- I know that's a lot . but here's why I give that figure. The cheapest place I can find ( studio or room ) $500 a month + $500 deposit . I'll need two months rent because that is when I expect to finally see a pay check. bus training starts 6/13 . pay is bi-weekly. I'll be able to afford rent from then on. I was going to try to ride it out in the tent till I got paid but now I'm worried my work uniforms will be stolen . The S.O.B. ripped the netting on my entrance flap. and I don't have a sewing kit. Hello  Mosquitoes . There's nowhere to move my camp to. I 'm  just going to leave it to the next guy that comes  along after me. I'll pin a note saying " This is your tent now. " Let's fundraise ,  donate right here at my blog .   Thank you to the good people

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May 24, 2011

Veteran Status

Veteran  Status

I wasn't going to reveal my veteran status , but on mulling it over I decided it is important information . It may be that it could help a fellow vet. I am honorably  discharged from the U.S. Army. I was a tank gunner. The greatest accomplishment of my life was to come in second at level one gunnery. This is the superbowl of tank gunnery. Live fire with pop up targets on a drive through course. I had all first round hits , only one other tank crew out of the whole European theatre matched my feat. I was two seconds slower on the stabalization target than the other crew. On this engagement the turret is supposed to stay trained on the target no matter where the tank itself is pointing . ( gyro ) however it bounces , wobbles etc. extreamly difficult shot while the tank is moving. I got it. TARGET , TARGET came over the radio from the observation tower. excitment beyond belief. That's all I want to say  about the military. I did go to the Veterans Adminisration and speak with a councellor. I wanted a primary Doctor's appointment to see if I could get some vitamins and a new pair of glasses. No problem how does September sound ( 6 months away ) . Then I asked about the domicillary ( a sort of respite for vets that helps with addiction and training supposedly ) Sure no problem just get to Orlando FL. and apply in person , bring your dd214 ( discharge papers ) which I acually have , but most vets don't. Then we can likely get you in . The waiting list is only  4 months at present. I realized the only logical thing for me to do is pound pavement and get a job , stand on my own two feet and keep my freedom . Fellow Vets can look into these programs for themselves , they have dom's all over the U.S. Hint: It is better if you tell them you have substance abuse issues even if you don't , that will get you indoors much faster. Do it before winter arrves or you will not get a bed . 6  months comitment is a requirement , rules out the wazoo. three hots and a cot and some sort of recreation therapy is offered ( movies , bowling , arts and crafts , or whatever ) You will have to take many classes and submit to random drug and alcohol checks. Give it a try if you don't mind a big boot on your neck. Veterans services is totally hyped up and painted rosy.

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May 23, 2011

Trudging Along

Trudging  Along

Do you have those times where nothing happens , you know you feel like your just waiting for time to march on so you will get where your trying to go. I hate waiting . I seem to always be waiting on someone or something. That doesn't mean I waste my time , because I keep busy . I just don't see the results of my labors. It's like blowing up baloons and forgeting to tie them . Frustration is a part of everyone's life . It is compounded with lonliness and homelessness and no livelyhood . Some days I'm only waiting on the day to end so the next day can get here . Whatever plans I put in motion always have at least a two week fermenting period. Why is that ?  I'm not into the instant gratification thing but treading water , watching paint dry , can really drag me down at times. I find myself counting things , which really iritates me. On the bright side I have time to notice stuff that I normally wouldn't. ( I can always find a cheerful thought if I try ).

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May 19, 2011

Gift Received

Gift  Received

Fran from www.MitzvahCircle.org sent me a  $20 Wal-Mart gift card
I am a real person in a real situation. I just want to say how wonderful Fran was to show concern for me . I am deeply grateful. More so for the kindness and love shown me than the actual gift itself . That  $20 will go toward food I needed badly.  Thanks again Fran and Mitzvah Circle.

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May 17, 2011



Well things seem to be going my way for a change. So far , no negative reactions about the bus driving job , that's good. We had some vicious rain downpours last Sun. but no storms are on the horizon for a couple of days anyway. I'm hoping my laptop arrives this week! That will make my life so much easier. I know I can always walk but I'm believing for a bicycle or bus pass. I just can't see that God would let me get this far and pull the rug out from under me again. The air is clean and fresh , the birds are singing , the stars are familiar friends. I'm not gaining any weight but I don't think I'm losing anymore either. I wouldn't say my spirits are high , just good. So I'm smiling and enjoying the sun on my face. pleasant thoughts and warm wishes to all my friends

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May 13, 2011

Got Me

Last night when I got back to camp , I found out My camp had been discovered. It was only a matter of time. The thief went through all my belongings and took the cream of the crop. I can't believe I was left anything at all . Probably couldn't carry it away .
My best shorts  , shirts , flashlight , batteries , Knife , new personal hygene items , and I just did my laundry !
I can't tell you how I feel right now. I am controlling my anger because what am I to do? If I find the thief or see him on the street carrying my blue backpack with my stuff . Do I attack him , go to jail, lose everything else and my new job as well. Tell the cops , They will ask where I live-not a good idea either.
I'll look on the bright side - The thief that steals from a homeless man's tent is pretty low. I sure hope he really needs my stuff , I know I did. I will tell him to give it back if I run into him , I know my stuff when I see it .I just hope it doesn't get out of hand if that happens.

Mac Attack....    ( JUST KIDDING AROUND )

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May 11, 2011

Where I Live

Fifth meanest city, Gainesville, Florida

  • October 27th, 2009 8:12 pm ET

10 worst cities for treatment of the homeless
James Martin
Gainesville Florida has a history of abuse of homeless persons; so much so that it is a wonder their ranking is only #5 in mistreatment instead of number 2 or 3. They have torn up “tent cities” and made it next to impossible for people to solicit aid, even if they do it peacefully. In September 2007, against the wishes of homeless advocates and even city officials, the city commission closed down a major tent city by force, using uniformed and armed officers to clean out the tent area. It was part of a 10 year plan to end homelessness. Why they think it will take 10 years is anyone’s guess, but that guess is wrong. They decided it was more important to pay $75k on a fence around the property and only $20k on shelter beds to house those displaced in the tent city raid. Eventually the city increased that to $67k but still failed to solve any problems. After the closure, even more homeless moved in and doubled the numbers by April 2009.
Panhandling is also another issue that earns Gainesville a bad reputation for helping the homeless. In July 2007 the enacted an ordinance that not only punishes the person soliciting funds, be it peacefully or not, but also targets the giver as well. They specifically “ban all transactions between a motorist and a pedestrian on streets, in bike lanes and on bike paths within the city limits.” Both the panhandler and motorist can be charged with a “municipal ordinance violation, a crime that carries a potential penalty of $500 [or] six months in jail [or both] per offense” if they donate money from their car on a public roadway.
Southern Legal Counsel, a non-profit public interest law firm, challenged the ordinance
as a violation of a settlement agreement it had reached with the city in 2006. That lawsuit
had challenged two state statutes and an ordinance that prohibited homeless individuals
from standing on public sidewalks while holding signs soliciting donations. The
resulting settlement from that lawsuit enjoined the city from amending or enacting “any
ordinances which prohibit plaintiffs or other persons from engaging in protected First
Amendment activity of standing on a public sidewalk, peacefully holding a sign soliciting
charitable donations on behalf of or for their own personal benefit and not otherwise
violating any lawful statute, ordinance, or order.” Ultimately, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida found that the city had not violated the terms of 2006 agreement regarding freedom of speech and panhandling.
St. Francis House, one of two downtown shelters and soup kitchens has seen a surge in meal needs grow from the legal limit of 130 meals per day to 250. In March 2009 the commission decided to start enforcing the limit and turning Lynch Park (across the street) into a dog park that can also handle the 120+ over flow of homeless needing meals. So now we have the homeless being treated no better than dogs. Two hearty thumbs down for Gainesville and its 10 yr plan and for its treating the homeless like animals.

MY Comment---This may be  2 yrs  old but not much has changed----except there is one not two shelters

May 10, 2011

I Am Grateful

I  Am  Gratful

Eunice Graham  tweeted me she is going to send me a used laptop ( 3 keys missing and I'll need a power cord  ) but to me that is like  hearing Christmas morning has arrived .
I grew up ,  raised by my Mom  who worked two jobs , nursing home ,and something else I don't remember. My Dad left us when She became pregnant with my little brother. She raised four kids on her own and never went on welfare. Although I do recollect eating Gov. cheese and such I think there were times when she used the food pantry.
When us kids would go to the fridge , it was first come first served. Mom always made sure we were in by dark and had dinner for us.
I never had a Birthday party and Christmas was sporadic at best. We wore hand me downs and were not allowed to talk to strangers and for sure could not accept gifts from them.
We were taught to have good manners. This is why I am blown away by the generosity of Eunice . All I can say is Thankyou.

Eunice  can be found at http://www.wishesandangels.com a true people loving website.

                        TILL NEXT TIME..........

May 6, 2011

Will Work

Will Work for Homelessness

By Joel John Roberts | Jun 6, 2011
I glided my car off the 10 Freeway, a California Interstate that crosses Los Angeles from west to east, to find a scraggly old man wearing a filthy coat and clutching a tattered cardboard sign that read “Will Work for Housing”. The man stood at the freeway exit about three cars ahead of me.
When the signal light turned green, a guy in a BMW SUV in front of me stuck his head out and screeched at the top of his lungs toward the homeless man, “Get a job you lazy SOB!” The SUV tires practically burned rubber before the homeless man could fully understand what happened.
For those of us living in the Los Angeles region, what many refer to as the Homeless Capital of America, such outbursts of anger are not infrequent.

After a few decades of the escalation of homelessness in this country, some hardworking people feel resentful at people who take advantage of our nation’s social welfare system, especially, when the roots of this country are founded on a Puritan culture that embraces the mantra “There is no such thing as a free ride.”
But to simply scream at a person entrenched in extreme poverty to get a job will not end homelessness.
Cost of Living
In Los Angeles, the average rent for a one bedroom apartment, as of May 2011, is $1,315 per month. Many housing experts believe that in order for a person to be able to pay for housed-living (such as food, utilities, transportation, and clothing), a person should not pay more than one-third of his or her monthly income toward rent. That means in Los Angeles, the homeless man standing near the freeway needs to earn $22.76 per hour to afford the average rent for a one bedroom apartment.
Minimum wage in Los Angeles, however, is only $8 per hour. A person earning this rate could barely pay his rent, but have nothing for food, utilities, or anything else. In other words, he would be sitting in an empty apartment, darkened because of no electricity, and hungry because of not enough income to buy food.
Even if a person paid half of her monthly income toward rent, she would have to find a job that pays $15.17 per hour to afford a Los Angeles apartment.
It doesn’t take a mathematician to conclude that this social math just doesn’t work.
So like passionate activists in Northern Africa, the voices from American homeless advocates are rising, calling for a mandatory wage rate that would allow a person to earn enough money to pay for rent. People like Richard R. Troxell, the author of the book, Looking Up at the Bottom Line, are promoting a “Universal Living Wage.”
Their message actually reflects a Puritan perspective: full-time work should be rewarded with access to permanent housing. If people work 40 hours per week, they should have the ability to afford housing.
Critics, however, don’t believe in an artificial employment market. Pay rates should be decided by supply-and-demand, otherwise businesses will move away from communities that instill mandatory living-wage rates.
But if businesses move to regions where the minimum wage is so low that its low-paid workers have no chance of finding a home affordable enough to rent, then businesses will have a very small talent pool of people.
It used to be that one full-time wage earner in America could support a family of four in a home that the worker actually owns. Today, America’s families need at least two wage earners just to be able to rent a one or two bedroom apartment.
The odds of that homeless man standing at the freeway off-ramp finding a job at $22.76 per hour (or $47,340 per year) are nearly impossible. Screaming at him to find a job that pays enough to rent an apartment is futile.
Ending homelessness in this country means raising the rate of pay for hard-working people, or lowering the rate of rents, or building enough apartments that are affordable to everyone.
My vote is to get that homeless man near the freeway into an affordable apartment first, then help him find a job.
Maybe that man’s cardboard sign should read “Will be Housed for Work"

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Default New Police Weapon Against Homeless

I wanted to let you know what happened to me this week. After police harassment by the Middletown CT police department for sleeping in my car, legally parked on a city street, with one officer admitting I could legally park there, the police had Sal Nesci, the City of Middletown Health Department Director, declare my car "Unfit for Occupancy" and had it towed. The previous night, Middletown sergeant Davis merely asked me to park somewhere else and sleep. I did not have the money to recover the car and Personal Autocare, the towing company said I could only retreive essential items (eyeglasses, medication) from the car. I asked if a toothbrush, razor, change of underwear, wallet, hat for sun protection, warm clothes, or documents to defend myself in court were not essential items for a homeless person. Someone called on my behalf and was told they were not. To read more of my story and arrest, please google "Historic cover-up of FBI and police crimes currently taking place" and read the thread on the Urban 75 nessage board. Bill Anderson soxin8@hotmail.com

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