Jun 23, 2011

Pass Or Fail

Pass  Or  Fail

The answer is YES I passed my pre-trip inspection , skills test and road test. I am the proud owner of a CDL ( commercial drivers license ). My trainer is buying donuts for breakfast because if everyone passes that tests in a class that is what He does. The main stress is history , now it is all about driving , learning the fare box and other Bus stuff. Probation period is for a whopping 6 months , so there is still lots of room to mess up . However I cannot fail with so many of you drawing inspiration from little old me. I won't let you down .If I can do it you can do it. Maybe not the same way . It just shows if you keep plugging on , then some progress will be made. suffer a little extra now for the payoff down the road. Good friends help, and I found all of mine on the internet. Strange . Tell it and someone will care. Never lie. tell the good and the bad and people will recognize the truth.
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  1. Congratulations. Good job man. I got my CDL in 90, and it's been a life saver. Got me out off the streets several times. It's your ticket out now, your life raft, so protect it well. Now me I can't stand people so I could never drive a bus. Strictly big trucks for this old country boy. Now be sure to buy your trainer(s) a nice steak dinner when they hand you the keys to the kingdom. Good luck, eastbound, hammer down. Anon out.

  2. I am SO proud of you.... Congratulations!!!!