Jun 11, 2011

Here Nor There

Here  Nor  There

Perhaps I'm transitioning from the hollow man to citizen . Being one of the invisible people takes it's toll . I find it hard to put into words . one minute your not , then you are. I do believe it will take some time before I feel that I matter to anyone. I know there are people of the opinion " That I should just die and decrease the surplus population " - Scrooge . I refused to cry or give up. I know there is always a brighter day coming. I don't rely on anyone. I can only trust myself ( I do not lie to me ). This is not to say I haven't been caught completely by surprise at the generosity  of some kind souls ,  because if anything could make me cry that would be it. Still living with trepidation .
your friend ,

                TILL NEXT TIME..................

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  1. Hi Peter. I understand your thoughts exactly. I live in Chicago and one time I was downtown shopping during the Christmas season. A homeless man was sitting outside in the cold next to a store. He had some kind of a sign -- I couldn't make out what it was as I was on the other side of the street -- but people would just pass him by without looking as if he didn't exist. I remember thinking it was horrible to see it--the store decorations, people buying presents--but people couldn't even say hello or acknowledge him. If they became homeless, however, then they would understand.