Jul 18, 2011

Last Week Of Training

Last week of Training

I started my 5th week of training today. We are tying up last details and bus hopping to kill time, My Trainer says he is recommending full status for Fri. Last test is driving with the Safety Person and once He declares that I am Safe , that's it. It has been a fun and difficult. Fun driving the bus. Difficult ,getting to work and cleaning up while sweating in the hated tent. I can't wait for a cooked meal and my own bathroom. To sleep in the cooled room with a comfortable bed but it will be a bit yet. Coming up with the $1500 needed to secure an apartment , This figure includes deposit and application fee , plus I'll need the deposit to get the electricity turned on. This is bare bones without housewares ,toiletries , or food or furnishings but I'll take it over the tent any day . these things will be aquired in time. getting indoors is my first priority. I've come this far and I'm almost there. So you see , A brighter day did come. Chin up my struggling friends , you to will have a brighter day. keep a stout heart and find faith where you can.
                                                 TILL NEXT TIME..................


  1. I'm happy to hear you are going to have a place soon! And a good job, congrats again.
    P.J. (Streetworker213)

  2. Would love to hear an update on how you're getting along Pete.
    - MK

  3. I hope you can somehow manage to do a blog every once in awhile, it's nice to be able to see how things are progressing. I am feeling such deep relief to know you are finally safe (from reading tonight's tweets). Please keep in touch on Twitter so I'll know what's up. Love you much, Peter.