Dec 2, 2011

Been Busy

Been Busy

      Well,it has been a while since I've written an update. Sorry about that . Here it is Dec 1st 2011 already. Where does the time go?  I've been driving bus now for awhile.On Dec. 13th it will be 6 months and that is when my probation period ends. So far so good. I look smart in my uniform with black patent leather shoes. very professional.
        I had to get out of the tent , I don't think I could of handled the heat and misery one more day .I say that but you do what you gotta do whether you like it or not.
         Ah but here's the good news. I moved into a place called value place .it is a motel only it is a studio instead of just a room. kitchen and bathroom ,tv. very nice and new. very expensive though. $250 a week . no lease $100 deposit. A bus ride into work then bike it home ( 40 min ride ) because I get off at 3am. I bring the last bus in. I need 2 hrs to get to work but at least I have a job, clean clothes .and a beautiful shower. My cooking is kind of bland but nutricious. I pack sandwiches for lunch. Quite an improvement right there. I left an it's yours note on the tent when I left, I haven't even been by it out of curiosity , I would really prefere not see it .Who needs that.
       I had tacos homemade for thanksgiving, not bad if I say so myself. I'm thankful for the stability I now enjoy . saving is still difficult. the price of everything seems to have gone up and I know people think bus drivers make alot of money,not true after benefit costs taxes etc I bring in $750  bi-weekly on 41 hrs a week. but I'm not broke and I'm able to help out other folks here and there.
      A brighter day did come and the future looks good. I just go to work stay out of trouble and develop interests. so as I said been busy.

                                     TILL NEXT TIME......................................


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  1. I am very very happy for you!!! I'm so glad to hear things are so much better for you!! I hope in the near future you will finally be able to buy a house and a car for yourself. I am very very very happy for you!!!